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MARCH DEPOSIT for Custom Octa Hoodie

MARCH DEPOSIT for Custom Octa Hoodie


This is a $75 non-refundable deposit that goes toward your Custom Octa SAMBOB hoodie! Once I receive this deposit, you will receive an email within a few hours with a link to the customization tool on my website that will allow you to design your hoodie and pay the final amount. Please check your SPAM boxes if you're not seeing the email.

Check on this month's available colors on my FABRICS page.

This round of orders should be complete by mid-April!

A basic hoodie (one color, no pocket) is $140, so at a minimum you will pay an additional $65 for the hoodie and a multicolored hoodie is $170 minimum.

Pockets are NOT available for this fabric type.

While you wait, consider the colors here and note the additional charges for customization:

-Multicolored hoodie +$30

-Split colored sleeve(s) +$25 (for each sleeve)

-Split colored front +$25

-Split colored back +$25

-Rush order +$60


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