About Sambob

Where it began:

Sambob began in 2021, in Logan, Utah, as a Covid hobby, turned business for Sam Roberts. As a wildlife biologist and avid backpacker, Sam spent much of his working hours and free time in the outdoors. Always in search of the perfect mid-layer, Sam learned to sew in late 2020, and started making fleece tops right way. As the interest for his creations progressed from friends and family to strangers on Instagram, Sam was eager to share his fun designs and cozy layers with others and the brand was born!


Where we are now:

Now located in Portland, Maine, Sambob aims to create fleece products for all types of people. With the primary goal of making the most comfortable garment possible, Sambob offers a wide range of custom color combinations and sizing, allowing customers to create their ideal mid-layer, whether it’s used on a thru-hike, a local trail, around town, or on the couch. With a variety of fabrics available for custom and ready-to-ship products (Microgrid, Alpha, Octa, and Pillow Line fleeces), Sambob is eager to create your dream hoodie or crewneck!


Fair wage statement/transpanrency:

At Sambob we strongly believe in paying a living wage to all employees everywhere, which is why we pay our employees $30/hr from the start.