Sustainability at Sambob

While the outdoor apparel industry produces a notorious amount of waste, Sambob tries to break that mold in a couple of ways:

Giving flawed fabrics a new life: All of our Microgrid and some of our Alpha fabric is considered "seconds" by the manufacturer (Polartec), which means that it has a production flaw (a missing thread, inaccurate color, holes, etc), making it unusable by the original buyer. As a small, custom and small batch production business, Sambob can avoid these flaws in the fabric, giving these unwanted rolls of fleece a new life!
Utilizing discontinued fabrics: Sometimes brands move on from a product, which can mean they have leftover fabric they can't use. In partnership with Youer (a small brand based in Montana), we've given their Pillow Line fabric a new home and would love to partner with other brands to do the same with their unneeded fleece!

Using our own scraps: There are a lot of scraps in the garment making process, but we do our best to save as much as we can and utilize them in scrap garments (and some future products too)!



 Keeping it in the U.S.A: All of our products are manufactured in the United States, as is the Microgrid and Alpha fleece fabrics we use.