Contents: 100% polyester

Weight ~6oz/yard

The SAMBOB Gridded hoodies are made from a recycled Polartec microgrid fleece fabric that will perform perfectly as a midlayer in the backcountry as well as a cozy layer on the couch.






Available GRIDDED fleece colors for MARCH '24:


Pillow Line

Contents: 100% polyester

Weight: ~6oz/yard

The SAMBOB Pillow Line hoodies are made from a microgrid fleece fabric similar to the Gridded fabric described above. The exterior face is more heavily brushed than the Gridded fabric, giving it a more rustic look and feel. This fabric has a bit less stretch to it than the Gridded fabric and does not have the black lines between the grids (despite them appearing in the customization page for hoodies using this fabric). The Pillow Line and Gridded fleeces are very similar in weight, but you may find the Pillow Line to be a bit warmer due to being slightly thicker, with less prominent grid lines.


Available PILLOW LINE fleece colors for MARCH '24:


Contents: 100% polyester

Weight: ~2.5oz/yard

The SAMBOB Octa hoodies are made from a unique ultralight fabric made by Teijin (based in Japan). With a brushed fleece interior face and a flat mesh exterior face, this fabric stands to rival Polartec Alpha in its warmth to weight ratio, while also proving to be more durable against snags and tears.




Available OCTA fleece colors for MARCH '24:


This fabric is semi-transparent and extremely non-wind resistant, but acts as a perfect active layer fabric.

Check out my instagram post here for a closer look at Octa and here for a comparison to Alpha!

Photo from teijin-frontier-usa.com


Teijin describes it: “Octa® is an exceptionally unique polyester fiber with a distinctive, highly modified cross-section with eight projections aligned in a radial pattern around a hollow fiber…The spaces between the projections preserve body heat to give extra warmth. OCTA® unique fiber construction contributes to quick drying and airy texture as fabrics with 50% lighter weight than regular polyester material.