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Alpha Artist Series #1: Oyster Print Hoodie

Alpha Artist Series #1: Oyster Print Hoodie


✨Preorder this oyster print Alpha 90 hoodie! 

Hoodies will ship in ~4-6 weeks.

Sambob has teamed up with local Portland artist Jordan Parks to create this beautiful oyster 🦪 pattern for the very first Alpha Artist Series! Wearable high performance art?! Don’t miss out, this is a one-time only preorder for this print!

Whats Alpha? It’s an ultralight, active insulation fleece fabric, weighing about half the weight of many traditional fleece fabrics (like my microgrid). It wears like a cloud, warms like a hug! Learn more HERE!

Why the high price? Many reasons!

  1. First off, at Sambob, I want to pay people fairly! This means paying my employees (yes, I have a couple of part timers!) a living wage of $30/hr and paying the artist 15% of the hoodie price for their work.
  2. Printing on Alpha is quite pricey, actually twice as expensive as non-printed Alpha.
  3. Lastly, the general cost of goods to produce a hoodie is much higher than most people think! We’re all used to buying mass produced items made with low-quality materials by people who are not making a living wage. The reality of surviving as a tiny business that wants to make quality goods is that prices must be higher than folks are used to.

Why the long wait? Because this is a preorder, the printed fabric will not be ordered until all hoodies have been ordered. The fabric will take about 2-3 weeks to arrive and the hoodie production will take another 2-3 weeks. Thanks for your patience!


Unsure of your size? These run slightly large, please CLICK HERE to learn more about how Sambob sizing works, especially if you're confused about 'narrow' vs 'wide'!

Note: Returns of these hoodies will incure a 50% restocking fee.

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