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Alpha Artist Series #3: Jolly Gear

Alpha Artist Series #3: Jolly Gear


✨Pre-order this Jolly Gear print Alpha 90 hoodie! Hoodies will ship in ~4-6 weeks.

Sambob has teamed up with Jolly Gear to use this beautiful, trail inspired print for the third Alpha Artist Series! This print was originally created and used for Jolly Gear's iconic Triple Crown Button Down sun shirts, but after seeing how well it translated to Alpha, we knew we had to open up orders!

We need at least 10 orders for this preorder to move on to production. If you purchase and we do not reach ten, you will be notified and refunded. 

Whats Alpha? It’s an ultralight, active insulation fleece fabric that wears like a cloud, warms like a hug! Learn more HERE!


Unsure of your size? These run slightly large, please CLICK HERE to learn more about how Sambob sizing works, especially if you're confused about 'narrow' vs 'wide'!

Note: Returns of these hoodies will incure a 50% restocking fee.

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